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Who We Are



TDK Systems Group attributes a large portion of our firm’s success to the integrity, commitment to quality, strong engineering background and the 25 plus years of professional and technical experience our key personnel possess. We excel at what we do because we truly enjoy our work and have many years of experience working with the systems and technologies we integrate for our clients.


TDK is set apart from its industry competition by our background in military avionics combined with our strong engineering roots in the Industrial Process Controls Industry. In these fields, critical systems and processes absolutely must be well engineered and must work every time, all the time. "Good enough" is not good enough when critical processes are involved and from our activation in 1999, we began to apply this philosophy to our work in the security industry.


Our prospective clients should ask themselves, are the companies and individuals they listen to really security experts with strong engineering and technologies backgrounds or new to the industry since the tragedy of September 11, 2001. In contrast with many of the answers they are likely to receive, in 1999, TDK was already managing the largest Smart Card, Access Control and Security project at that time in the US.


Todd G. Dieterly, Sr. - President & CEO

Mr. Dieterly is the President and Chief Executive Officer of TDK Systems Group, Inc. and is a co-founder of the firm. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from The George Washington University, as well as a degree in Engineering Science from Montgomery College. He is a 29-year member of IEEE and the Instrument Society of America. He is a 6-year Veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he held a Top Secret Security Clearance (SBI) and an Avionics Comm/Nav and Defensive Electronic Countermeasures Quality Assurance Inspector’s Certificate. His current responsibilities include corporate management, technical direction and quality assurance, as well as budgetary and business development for the organization. He has over 25 years of experience in government, private industry and consulting, and is an expert in the design and integration of security, data acquisition, industrial plant control and monitoring systems.


Corporate Management & Business Development:  Prior to his current position with TDK Systems Group, Inc., Mr. Dieterly was a Corporate Vice President at CETROM Consulting Engineering. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Mr. Dieterly was also the Director and founder of CETROM’s Advanced Technologies Division (ATD) and was responsible for the management, technical direction, quality assurance, budgetary management and business development for the ATD Division. During his tenure with CETROM-ATD, Mr. Dieterly had project management and/or engineering management responsibility for more than 30 significant facility, systems engineering, information technologies and environmental engineering projects.


Technical Experience:  Mr. Dieterly’s engineering background combined with his extensive hands-on experience in industrial process controls, data acquisition and Marine Corps avionics systems provides TDK with a uniquely detailed, comprehensive and synergistic approach which contrasts with the fragmented approach one often finds in the security industry. In the last fifteen years, Mr. Dieterly has been the Program or Project Manager and/or Principle Engineer of more than 75 security and security technologies projects including: 20 for the Federal Government, 24 for the Private Sector and more than 100 for State and Local governments. Many of these projects exceeded $250K, with one valued at over $4.9 million.




Karen S. Dieterly - Executive Vice President & CFO

Mrs. Dieterly is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of TDK Systems Group, Inc. and is a co-founder of the firm. Currently, her primary role is the oversight of Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and the Management of Corporate financial accounts including review and final reconciliations. Mrs. Dieterly is also the Purchasing signature authority for the Company and is responsible for overseeing the procurement of all materials and services purchased by the Company. She has over twenty years of experience in office and business administration with more than 17 years at an executive level. Technically, Mrs. Dieterly also has extensive hands on experience with computer systems, software implementation and administration.


Financial, Business Operations and Marketing: Mrs. Dieterly’s work experience includes several years at the Lehigh Township Board of Supervisors where she was responsible for overseeing Accounts Payable/Receivable, the General Ledger and assisted in the preparation of payroll for the Township. Mrs. Dieterly was also involved in the Subdivision Processes, the application and reviews of submitted plans and acceptance of bids for materials and equipment. Her experience includes more than 15 years of employment at GEICO where she assisted in the preparation of Corporate Business Plans and Corporate advertising. She was responsible for all aspects of the preparation and oversight of GEICO insurance policyholder annual surveys including survey formulation, data collection, and the reporting of these findings.


Technical Experience: Mrs. Dieterly’s technical experience includes employment at GEICO where, she became proficient in the configuration, maintenance and use of computers and computer systems, including providing technical training to GEICO staff members. She also authored several significant database applications used to perform analysis and management of demographic information. Mrs. Dieterly wrote programs in SAS to facilitate the extraction of data from the central mainframe into dynamic spreadsheet applications used by senior management in presentations to shareholders. Mrs. Dieterly also wrote and maintained programs to extract Census Information for State Fact Sheets and was responsible for compiling and preparing the personal presentations of the Marketing Department President using various presentation applications.




Paul E. DiPascale - Vice President of Marketing

As Vice President Marketing of TDK Systems Group, Inc., Mr. DiPascale is responsible for the organization's strategic business development. He is also responsible, along with the COO, for the corporate management and technical direction of the firm. Mr. DiPascale holds an A.A.S. degree in Electronics from Lincoln Technical Institute.  During his more than 25 years of experience in the security industry, he has gained hands-on experience in the sale, project management and installation of electronic systems and services. He has extensive experience working closely with the government, private sector clients and the Architectural and Engineering community managing internal processes on major projects, including design, procurement of materials, installation and commissioning of the electronic systems.


Business Development and Marketing: During Mr. DiPascale's tenure with TDK Systems Group, one of his primary goals has been to develop strong strategic business partnerships and alliances with other technologies firms, equipment manufacturers and distributors. Assessing market needs, he has drawn upon his more than 25 years of technical and sales experience to identify viable technology solutions that are sound and proven, while at the same time continuously evaluating and incorporating emerging and cutting edge technologies into forward thinking design and sales offerings.


Technical Experience: His engineering experience includes preparing conceptual level and detail designs, specifications and project drawings to facilitate the installation of security, card access systems, CCTV, fire alarm/detection systems, voice evacuation systems and smoke evacuation/control systems. He has specialized in specific design applications for institutional, penal, healthcare, assembly, and high rise occupancies, with added experience in the petro-chem, industrial and pharmaceutical industries.



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